Monday, July 20, 2009

A Topps Redemption Fulfilled

I have my bones with Topps redemption policy. With several redemptions going on 1 year and still not fulfilled, I've only gotten brush-offs from Topps CS. There was one instance where I was yelled at by a customer service agent when I asked if we could request a specific replacement (sure, it may have been a naive question, but it surely wasn't one that deserved the level of rudeness in response). Anyway, now when I enter a redemption code, I just forget about the card so that if or when it arrives, it'll be a nice surprise.

Anyway, when I got a Topps WBC redemption, I expected it to take much longer...but I looked in my mailbox the other day and got this. A beautiful card...though of a hated Yankee. I do love this year's Topps base design and it translates well to the refractor printing. One problem with the Tri-Star Fulfillment is that they just load the card into a toploader without using a penny sleeve. Of course, the card is a thicker stock refractor, so there wasn't much shifting en route, but I would have been a bit more comfortable if there was a penny sleeve.

Also in the mailbox, two cards from the box breaks from I am Joe Collector. I also got a Heritage Hanley refractor (didn't scan it because I'm an idiot). Everything's for trade.

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